How excited are you about the property development project you’re working on? How much are you dreading dealing with the wastewater aspect of it? If you’re in a situation where you can’t simply hook up to the local sewer system Kubota Membrane USA is here to help. Our MBR systems allow you to install a wastewater treatment facility in the smallest footprint possible. What this means for you is that it will allow you to put more of the property to good use as opposed to setting it aside for a treatment plant. We also create the possibility for you to develop more lots by utilizing the wastewater effluent for landscape irrigation thus lowering the overall water footprint of the project. Did we mention that our systems are small enough that you can site it in a “house” that matches the architectural style of the rest of the development? For those developers emphasizing sustainability our MBR systems can prove to be an effective marketing tool to buyers who are concerned with their carbon footprint.

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Below is a video showing how a Kubota MBR helped a resort town in Wales U.K. maintain the pristine quality of their local waterways.