About us

In the late 1980s, Kubota Corporation, one of the leading engineering companies in the environmental field
in Japan, developed the KUBOTA Submerged Membrane Unit® (SMU), which is an innovative and reliable flat
sheet membrane technology incorporated into the activated sludge process.

Since then, Kubota SMU has been applied to treat sewage and industrial wastewater all over the world.
As of July 2008, the number of installations reached 2,948 including 622 overseas.

Since 2001, Kubota Corporation has contributed to the improvement of water environment in North America.
In 2005, in order to offer better support and keep responding to customers' voice,
Kubota Corporation opened a new office of KUBOTA Membrane USA Corporation located in Bellevue,

Fortunately, Kubota SMU has been selected by many customers, and our market has been expanded
into South America as well.

Message From KUBOTA Membrane USA

Dear Valued Customers

Welcome to the KUBOTA Membrane USA web site!
Through our web site, we are pleased to offer you information regarding our Submerged Membrane Unit.

Currently there are a lot of environmental issues on the Earth such as Global Warming and Population Increase.
These problems create a shortage of water resources and deterioration of water environments.
The 21st Century is so called the Water Century. Water Environment Conservation and
Water Recycling are the Key.

Kubota SMU can contribute to conservation and recycling with its high effluent quality. At the same time,
KUBOTA Membrane USA is dedicated to continue developing technology suitable for your operation,
even though our simple operation and easy maintenance have already received excellent reputation from our customers.

Thank you very much for visiting us. We hope we can help you improve your water environment.
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